Department of Sanskrit, Samhita & Siddhanta

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Introduction :

Department of Sanskrit Samhita Siddhant deals with the study of Philosophical fundamental approach of Ayurveda. The name of the department itself suggests that it elaborates the basic concepts of diagnosis and treatment. The basic concepts if applied properly and in its authentic way, it leads to the absolute knowledge of disease; which is also applied to the newer diseases. Sanskrit is the basic subject which has been taught to the students through this department. The subject has been included in the curriculum as it is the language of the ancient Ayurvedic texts

Objectives :

  • To make aware the students regarding the great heritage of India as far as the ancient medical science is concerned.
  • To teach the basic and fundamental concepts of Ayurveda.
  • To impart the faith, love and affection to this ancient science.
  • To carry out the basic research to exemplify them.

Departmental Features :

  • Well versed teaching staff.
  • Well maintained departmental UG library.
  • Availability of the ample Charts.
  • Use of modern teaching aids.
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