Our department stands out of as a field dedicated to the treatment of ailments related to the nose, ears, Oral cavity, Head, throat area & eyes. As we know they are colleactively explained under the term Uttamang i.e. Shra. Shalakyatantra offers comprehensive ways for the therapeutic management of such disorders.

Shalakaya tantra is one of the branch of Ashtang Ayurveda offers Bhedana, chedana, Siravedhan, Prachhanna, Jaloukavacharan & lekhana karma.ete. The speciality of Shalakya Tantr Sthanika Dosha Shodhan. which doesn't require complete shodhana protocol. but gives fast relief.

Mission :

  • To promote Eye Health, Oral Health. Conduction of Health awareness Program at Government, offices , Rural Places, school etc.
  • To Improve Health care through Ayurveda and impart excellence in health care system through educational programme.

Vision :

  • To be recognised for excellence in Education, clinical care as well as research in Ayurveda to promote a Healthy wellbeing.

Department Features

This is one of major clinical departments who serves about all sensory organs and their health, treatment and also preventive measures too. we offers following facilities in our department.


  • OPD as per NCISM norms with well equipped consultation room for Netraroga, shiroroga with ENT separately. IPD with Karna, nasa, shiroroga, Netraroga total 15 beds with Good Patient flow with 60 – 70% bed occupancy.
  • We do daily procedures of Nasya, Anjana, Tarpan, Karnapuran,Shirodhara,kawal gandush etc with all preventive measures.


  • Mini & multi diagnostic comps on regular basis.
  • Regular ophthalmic & oral examination comp Faculty.

Faculty List

  • HOD & Associate professor Dr.Vijay Dhakate
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Pallavi Chavan


  • College department is well equipped with teaching- & learning resources as per the quidlines of NCISM
  • Well stocked departmental Library with updated & latest book publications.
  • Departmental Museum – for undergraduate charts and models etc.
  • We conduct various scientific sessions, - seminars, guest lectures for students. We also provide audio visual study proforma with smart bord.

Speciality Area

  • Computerised ophthalmic Examination .
  • Cataract & Glaucoma screening, well equipped Kriyakalpa procedures.
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