The most significant Ashtang Ayurvedic branch that addresses paediatric health care is known as Kaumarbhritya. Ayurveda defines Kaumar as a youngster between the ages of 0 and 16, and Bhritya as care and health.

The science of Kaumarbhritya comprises both preventive and curative treatments, from the fertilisation to the growth and development of children up to the age of 16 years. According to ayurvedic experts, a person's entire life is supported by the attention they receive throughout this time.

Paediatric care requires the use of a variety of ways for the management of children's diseases as the participation of Dosh, Mala, and Dushysa in children differs from that in adults. As a result, the type and prevalence of diseases are also varied in children.

Aim :

  • Children are the future of the nation, so our main goal is to ensure their physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Prevention of illnesses in children by raising immunity through vaccination, suvarnaprashan and teaching them a healthy daily regimen.
  • To find solutions in basic concepts of mechanisms, prevention and treatment of disease.

Mission :

  • A well equipped Kaumarbhritya department that is child and family orientated.
  • Tireless efforts and cultural participation in developing the nation's future.

Facilities Present

  • Fully equipped Kaumarbhritya OPD is running regularly.
  • IPD facilities are also available in hospitals with qualified medical staff.
  • We are organizing various Health care programmes, such as yoga camps, school health checks up camp, suvarnaprashan camp etc. to create awareness about ayurveda.
  • Special Panchakarma treatments are also available for a variety of paediatric illnesses.Department has Charts, Models, Specimens and Library

Objectives :

Kaumarbhritya department takes the efforts to

  • To enhance the quality of life for both the youngster and the family.
  • Prepare the students as an excellent academics, clinicians, and social advocators.
  • To provide an excellent clinical experience in the management of pediatric patients.
  • To provide physicians with the skills necessary to meet the emotional needs of patients, their families.
  • To provide thorough understanding of Kaumarbhritya to the students using advanced teaching strategies.
  • To deliver the best neonatal and paediatric care possible to lower neonatal, infantile, and child morbidity and mortality.

Vision :

  • To provide the best ayurvedic care possible for infants and children through preventative and therapeutic measures.
  • To treat various critical neuromuscular disorders with ayurvedic medicine and panchkarma.
  • To raise people's understanding of various ayurvedic practises, such as samskara, dincharya, kriyakalpa, etc., and their significance in the contemporary world
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