Prasutitantra & Striroga


Prasutitantra Avum Streeroga is one of the important clinical department in ayurved hospital. It involves ayurvedic concepts of Prasutitantra and Streeroga as well as modern concepts of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Here we deal with diseases and treatment of female reproductive system and also the management of pregnancy, labour and puerperium (after delivery management). The complete care of woman health with an integrative approach is taken. Various paricharyas mentioned in ayurvedic classics eg. Garbhini Paricharya, Sutika Paricharya, Rajswala Paricharya play important role to maintain health of woman in different phases of life.

Information :

  • Department has its well-developed OPD, IPD, Labour Room, Major - Minor Operation Theatre.
  • Department has Charts, Models, Specimens and Library

Following Facilities are provided :

  • Counselling of pregnant woman, routine check-up, Guidance of Diet, Yogasana, Pranayama to pregnant ladies for Suprajanan. (better progeny)
  • Treatment and counselling of infertility patients.
  • Panchakarma, Sthanik Chikitsa-Yonidhavan, Yonidhupan, Yonipichu, and Uttarbasti.
  • Normal Labour and LSCS.
  • Various surgical procedures - Hysterectomy, D&C, Cervical Encirclage, Caesarean Section, Male & Female Sterilization.
  • Treatment and counselling of menopausal woman
  • Treatment and counselling of patients after delivery including Sutika Paricharya.
  • Advice for various Contraceptive methods (Ayurvedic as well as Allopathic), eg. Cu-T.
  • Department regularly conducts Educative Programmes/ Public Awareness programmes by taking camps involving students to develop communication skill.

Staff List :

Sr. No. Name Qualification Designation
1 Dr. Bhagyashri Khot M.S. PhD, Prasutitantra and Strirog HOD, Professor
2 Dr. Amrita Mishra M.S. PhD Scholar, Prasutitantra and Strirog Associate Professor
3 Dr. Sonali Pharate M.S. PhD Scholar, Prasutitantra and Strirog Assistant Professor


  • Implementation of various Government schemes and National Programmes as laid down by the Government from time to time.
  • Promote Ayurvedic concepts and treatments for various Gynaecological disorders (Yonivyapada) like PCOD, Infertility, Menstrual Disorders, Menopausal Syndrome, etc.
  • Explore Panchakarma and Sthanik Chikitsa for various Gynaecological disorders by implementing standard operative procedures (SOP).


  • To promote preconceptional counselling as well as antenatal counselling for Supraja Nirmiti and to achieve good maternal health.
  • Create competent graduates of Ayurveda by advanced teaching modalities and through skillful clinical training.
  • Conduct quality research by exploring classical Ayurvedic Samhitas, Modern textbooks, Journals, Articles.
  • Provide best Ayurvedic healthcare facilities to maximum people.
  • Improve women's health with the help of Ayurvedic Treatment.
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